RATES FOR 2020-2021

Rates include electricity, heating and water and Wi-FI

Add £30 cleaning fee Per stay

Towels and linen can be hired for an additional cost of £12 per person

Excluding City Tax

Call us on 01202 516061 or 07774144557

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Bedrooms 3 (Sleeps 6) 1 (Sleeps 2) 2 (Sleeps 4) 1 (Sleeps 2)
Week Commencing £/week £/per night £/week £/per night £/week £/per night £/week £/per night

£1175/Week 196/Night 

£500/Week £83/Night   £875/Week £146/Night  £500/Week £83/Night  
 29/08/20-18/09/20 £625/Week £104/Night    £450/Week £75/Night   £535/Week £89/Night  £450/Week £75/Night
19/09/20-02/10/20   £500/Week £83/Night   £400/Week £67/Night   £450/Week £75/Night  £400/Week £67/Night
 03/10/20-18/12/20  £400/Week £67/Night  £300/Week £50/Night   £350Week £58/Night   £300/Week £50/Night
 19/12/20-04/01/21  £575/Week £96/Night  £375/Week £63/Night   £474Week £80/Night   £375/Week £63/Night  
 05/01/21-02/04/21 £440/Week £73/Night   £330/Week £55/Night    £384/Week £64/Night   £330/Week £55/Night  
 03/04/21-28/05/21  £482/Week £80/Night   £350/Week £60/Night     £420/Week £70/Night   £350/Week £60/Night
 29/05/21-11/06/21 £630/Week £105/Night    £440/Week £73/Night    £535/Week £90/Night    £440/Week £73/Night  
 12/06/21-09/07/21 £790/Week £131/Night    £470/Week £78/Night    £630/Week £105/Night    £470/Week £78/Night 
 10/07/21-23/07/21  £920/Week £153/Night   £520/Week £86/Night    £720/Week £120/Night    £520/Week £86/Night  
 24/07/21-27/08/21  £1230/Week 205/Night   £520/Week £86/Night     £876/Week £146/Night   £520/Week £86/Night  
 28/08/21-17/09/21  £660/Week £110/Night    £470/Week £78/Night    £564/Week £94/Night   £470/Week £78/Night 
 18/09/21-01/10/21  £525/Week £88/Night   £421/Week £70/Night    £475/Week £79/Night   £421/Week £70/Night  
 02/10/21-17/12/21  £/440Week £73/Night   £330/Week £55/Night    £383/Week £64/Night    £330/Week £55/Night
 18/12/21-07/01/22 £602/Week £100/Night    £400/Week £65/Night    £500/Week £83/Night    £400/Week £65/Night